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Types of Moving Services

Moving Services For Your Home, Office & More!

Residential "Moving Day"

We Make "Moving Day" Easy For Our Customers. We Request All The Information In-advance So We Can Schedule Enough Support To Get Your Items Packed, Loaded, Unload and Place In Each Room So The You Can Quickly and Cleanly Get Out Of Your Old Place And Into Your NEW Place With Ease. Call 3 Men On The Move For Your Residential Moving Day!


Commercial "Moving Day"

The Key 3 Men On The Move Organized Commercial "Moving Day" Is Our Office-by-Office and Area-by-Area Checklist! We Schedule Commercial "Moving Day" Around Your Business Hours So That We Can Get Your Out and Into Your New Offices So That Your Business Keep Right On Doing Business.

PLEASE NOTE: Make Sure You Tell ALL Your Employees The Location Of Your New


Apartment/Dorm "Moving Day"

Whether Near or Far Let 3 Men On The Move Get You Moved Out of Your Dorm or Apartment and Moved Into Your NEW Apartment or Into Storage If You Are Returning After Summer or Winter Break. 3 Men On The Move Will Get You Moved For Most Any Budget. Just Give Us The Details And Let Us Provide You With A FREE Quote. Call 3 Men On The Move TODAY At (866) 676-4089.


Individual Items Moved

3 Men On The Move Moves Big and Small Items. Our Services Are Ideal For Senior Citizens or For Those Items That Are Just Too Big or Too Heavy For Your Personal Vehicle or Truck. Need An Item Picked Up and Delivered To Your Door. 3 Men On The Move Are Your Guys That Will Safely Get Your Items Moved Quickly. Call 3 Men On The Move TODAY (866) 676-4089!