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Why 3 Men On The Move?

"Moving Day" is something that most people hate, which is  the opposite of the way we feel at 3 Men One The Move! For the owners of 3 Men One The Move its in their genetics as they grow up assisting with the family business and friends. As young boys eager to prove that WE CAN, even with all the early morning cuts and scrapes they grew to love "Moving Day"! As a Result...

3 Men On The Move was born and has provided many "Moving Days" for Commercial and Residential Accounts and quickly learned that CUSTOMER SERVICE is the key to a making "Moving Day" Easy and Efficient for Our Customers and for 3 Men On The Move.

The more information that 3 Men On The Move can gather prior to "Moving Day" the easier, the more efficient and Safer "Moving Day" will be for our customers, their property and for 3 Men On The Move. Call 3 Men On The Move TODAY at (866) 676-4089!